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We apologize though due to the current outbreak of the Coronavirus-COVID-19, Antigua de Toledo has to temporarily suspend any new concert registrations until further notice. Please Click Here for more information.


Talent Search! Would you like to join in on our "MAD"ness?
Musica Antigua is always open to adding the talents of new instrumentalists and singers. If you can answer "yes" to any of the following questions, please call us:

  • are willing to take on the challenge of performing early music

  • sing tenor or baritone

  • have basic sight-reading skills

  • play lute, harp or bowed strings--or are proficient in a similar instrument and desire a new challenge

  • live in the greater Toledo, Ohio area

Please email Dr. Alice Petersen at or call 419-475-6177.

Musica Antigua de Toledo works to recreate the styles and sounds of early European music (pre-1800 CE) with as much historical accuracy as possible, using various combinations of voice and period instruments.

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