On the left from front to back:
Alice Neff Petersen, Coordinator
- alto, recorder, vielle (medieval fiddle), Renaissance viol, baroque violin, crumhorn; Barbara Neff Craig - alto, organ, harpsichord, percussion; Mathilda Navias - mezzo-soprano, recorder, crumhorn, cornamuse; Andrew Phillips - recorder, crumhorn, sordune, harp, oboe, bassoon; Dan Bell - tenor, recorder

On the right from front to back:
Sandra Kellogg
- soprano, recorder, harp, harpsichord, percussion; Andrea Kissell - tenor, recorder, crumhorn, shawm, sordune; Donald Jackson - baritone, recorder, viol, sackbut, crumhorn

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Although we list our voice types in a modern way, to give listeners some idea of who does what, before the baroque period the human voice was used in a variety of ways, without reference to what we think of today as formal vocal training, and some of our earlier repertoire, as well as the less formal styles of ballad and catch tune, require some unusual sonorities.  From earliest times human beings have imitated the sounds we hear around us.  Our vocalists often sing on a part somewhat different from their "soprano, alto, tenor, bass" labels, and they sometimes imitate one or more of our instruments, or the sounds of birds or animals, where the repertoire calls for it.

2009-10 Season Gallery
2008-09 Season Gallery

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