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Welcome to the web home of Musica Antigua de Toledo, a Toledo, Ohio based, non-profit performance ensemble dedicated to spreading the joy of Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music.

Yeah, that's right. We have a sackbut, and we know how to use it.


Maybe we'd better stick to the official version:

Musica Antigua de Toledo is a non-profit organization that works to recreate the styles and sounds of early European music (pre-1800 CE) with as much historical accuracy as possible, using various combinations of voice and period instruments.

Each year we present a concert season of music organized around a theme, using various subjects, time periods, or national styles.

We offer a variety of educational programs designed to acquaint children with early music and society, including colonial America.

The ensemble is available for programs specialized to fit your entertainment, educational, or holiday events. We also occasionally join forces with other musical and dance groups!

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